Corporate Profile and History

E-N-G got its start in 1977 when the founder designed and sold the first Electronic News Gathering vehicle for KTVU-TV in Oakland, California. Soon the company was selling vehicles throughout the country as it became known for building quality vehicles that allowed broadcasters to respond to the increasing need for mobile television news.
Over the years, E-N-G pioneered many engineering and design breakthroughs for the mobile TV News industry, earning a reputation for innovation and creativity. Since then E-N-G has broadened its product line to include vehicles for mobile laboratory, wireless/cellular infrastructure, communications and other technical applications.
In collaboration with Hewlett-Packard (now Agilent Technologies), E-N-G was the first vehicle manufacturer to install a GC-MS in a mobile laboratory. That design became the basis for the successful MobiLab™ line of mobile laboratories.
Building on its past achievements, E-N-G has become a leader in products for the diverse mobile technology marketplace.
E-N-G Mobile Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PostitiveID Corporation, a life sciences company specializing in biological detection and diagnostics systems.
An advantage over its competitors in the Mobile Laboratory Market is that PositiveID has on-staff engineers and scientists with laboratory design expertise (BSL-1, BLS-2, BLS-3). This adds to E-N-G’s laboratory integration experience and allows the design team to optimize workflow and safety requirements. PositiveID also offers laboratory training for BSL-1 through BSL-3.   

The Team

E-N-G’s team includes design, mechanical and specification engineers, sales and customer support, materials management and purchasing and production.  
The production team is comprised of installation technicians, metal fabricators, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, and systems integrators, a production manager and resource scheduler, and a QA manager. Each new technical vehicle is built from start to finish by a build team headed by a team leader with over 10 years of experience.

E-N-G's Design and Engineering Approach

Along with integrating application-specific content, accommodating operators’ needs is a key component of E-N-G’s designs. The company works with customers to understand those needs and provide a practical solution to fit the ambient conditions, mobility requirements, local regulations, and available resources and budgets.  
  • Field-proven standard models with fully-developed operational systems 
  • Models quickly customizable to meet customer-specific requirements 
  • Engineered from the ground up to meet application requirements 
  • Operator safety and ease of use design priorities 
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